About Us - Introduction

Ayushkaam - is a Nutrition & Diet Consultancy Portal, based in Mumbai, India. It's primarily against of malnutrition and support to good health. The portal is for everyone who wants good health.

Ayushkaam is a Sanskrit word and meaning of this word is 'wishing you a healthy life'. The name itself says about the vision of the organization. All you need to do fill the information about you and we will follow you and give you our best consultancy to keep you fit and healthy.

Our services include personalized, Online and family diet counseling. Kitchen Analysis & Family Consultancy is a special feature for housewives. Please click here to read more.

We, team of dietician, are here for each income groups. We plan diet to keep some important variables in our mind. Economic status of individual is always an important factor for us. So now the balanced diet is in your pocket. You can also do online shopping here for your kitchen.Please   click here.

Our clients include people from all walks of life, corporate, non governmental organizations schools and others. Our facility for diet counseling via remote (online, telephonic and postal mail) mode has enabled us to serve clients from across the world, making us truly global.

We wish you a healthy life- Ayushkaam